About Extra Bucks

Doesn't metter WHO you are Only matters HOW you are

Our motive

  • To enhance the youth skills

  • To give prefect platform to youth & bring the best with their talented skills

  • To fill the talent of youth at vacant requirement of corporate companies, business firms and individua employee

  • ExtraBucks is Your Pocket Money Jobs,Provide you Part Time Jobs,Part-time events,promotions & many other jobs to make your journey easy by bringing up extra money till your Pocket.

  • At time to time Extra Bucks affiliated companies will hire the young guys for their Events, Promotional, Art & Entertainment, Leadership, Mentors, Consultant, Craft & Crew, Tech & Hi-Tech, Programmers, Developers, Designers, Dispatcher, Trainer, Sales guys, and many other jobs, so that youth get platform to be at the state to prove and get well trained by themselves before the challenges of life comes to them.

Great Team

We, the ExtraBucks team take care of getting as many as possible good jobs for our users and also take care of the best, easy and flawless website experience for our users.

Good Money

The Jobs that will be available at ExtraBucks are mostly "bucks per day" kind of jobs and you can make good money out from such jobs, which will fulfill your pocket money requirements.

Small Flexible Jobs

Most of the jobs here will be for so limited period of time that will surely fit into your free time. The smaller the job, more flexible it is for you.

Good Startup Platform

Anyone, the students, the passouts, the workings, anyone can get jobs according to their skills and interests. And if you are a student, this can add to your experiences before you start your serious career.