Why Extra Bucks

Benefits to work at ExtraBucks for Candidates.

  • Get your Short term job, part time job, without disturbing your current work, studies.

  • Get well trained for your targeted jobs.

  • No bonds, No long term Agreements.

  • Get well trained and boost your ability.

  • Get opportunity and new platform to meet new people.

  • As for start-ups to find new job as a trainee is hard task With ExtraBucks you can make it easy.

  • Get field experience and money together.

  • Best use of your time.

  • You can also be more supportive to your family.

Benefits for Affiliated Companies

  • Easy to approach for the right ExtraBucks seekers.

  • Get the right person instantly.

  • Need more people? You can get from ExtraBucks anytime.

  • No need to invest more.

  • Get the employee only till the time you want.

Upcoming benefits

  • We will train them for you.

  • Your work would be done according to your wish.

  • If person leaves in between, you will get the replacement within stipulated time period.

How ExtraBucks work

  • ExtraBucks is having a huge list of the candidates who are seeking short-term jobs in different fields and want to utilize their best time and efficiency by receiving rewards in terms of money.

  • ExtraBucks affiliated companies / employers will put their jobs at our portal.

  • ExtraBucks seekers will apply for the short terms jobs, whichever suits them best.

  • Employers will select ExtraBuckers (who have applied) according to their needs and their criteria.

  • After completion of your job successfully, you need to approach at specified time & location to get your ExtraBucks easily.